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Non Profitable Services.

Ambassador Sheila Renee,RCP, MHR

Motivational and Inspirational Speaker as a Minister, Bible College

Some people feel called by God to move into speaking and offer biblical knowledge while also helping listeners feel more encouraged and empowered about their lives. One way to fulfill that call is to become a full-time motivational speaker.we give the services in chruch and Bible college.We give the Motivational and Inspirational Speech as a Minister, Bible College.

Teacher Pastor and Prayer Ambassador

What is the role of the pastor? Some say the pastor is primarily a prophet, proclaiming the Word of God. Others say a shepherd, nurturing and protecting the church. Any minister who teaches in a Christian context must also be a pastor to those he teaches. Every staff minister is called to be a pastor­ teacher. We give the service as a ministry in the church. Every lay leader who is called of God to teach others serves best as pastor-teacher. Sheila, an excellent teacher himself.

Biblical Counseling

This world is full of hurting people that need help. Unfortunately, most counseling provides empathy for life’s struggles without providing biblical guidance to change.We offers consultation, training, and proven resources to get your counseling ministry up and going. We believe that the Bible has the answers for a hurting world.We are passionate about helping hurting people.

Breathe Again, Self-Helping Restoration Services

We work as Self-Motivational and Self-Help books that speak to those millions of people who are seeking words of encouragement to propel them to make positive and productive changes to their lives, their perceptions, and their sense of purpose. If you are a life coach, pastor, minister or clergy member, or if you have had a particularly inspirational life experience, it is in your nature to share it with others so they too may gain from your life experiences. We know the power of tools, and have used them to increase our own business revenue, relationships, health and well being.

Prayer, Praise and Worship Conferences

We consider the Service of Worship to be at the heart of our life together . Through our dynamic music programs, the reading and preaching of the Scriptures, congregational prayer, a special time for our children, and a variety of special occasions associated with the Church. We have classes for every age so that the whole family can participate in learning the Word of God.we provide the Prayer, Praise and Worship Conferences service.

Intercessory Prayer Conferences Facilitator Services

Something amazing happens when we pray. There is tremendous power that flows through praying for and with others. Here at Lake we are experiencing the power of prayer and we invite you to share a partnership with Christ through our intercessory prayers so together we can become a House of Prayer.To pray for the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of those who come for prayer.

Prayer Shawls

Prayer shawls can be knitted, crocheted, woven, or worked by any other means desired. They may be adorned with beads, bobbles, shells, fringe, etc., or left plain and understated. They can be shocking pink or muted tan and anything in between. In the instance of these shawls, the product is a physical representation of the process. That process is a journey through thought and intent. When creating a prayer shawl the individual making it begins with a recipient in mind. This person is held in the crafter’s thoughts from beginning to end.

Ambassador Sheila Renee McGruder.

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