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Men’s Prayer Ministry

Men’s Prayer Ministry.

Mrs. Sheila Renee McGruder, RCP, MHR

Pastor (Ambassador Sheila Renee)
“Worship Leader”, “Exalter”

Worship leaders not only help maintain the church culture, but they also help shape it. Worship itself is a holy unity with God that nothing else on this earth quite equals. Yet each worship service can be so dissimilar from each other depending on musical choice that the worship leader make. Because the church is always change with new people coming in, and others exit, it is never in a static, fixed state. If the leaders want to modify the vision of the church, the worship leaders help effect that change by adjust their worship leading accordingly.

Public Speaker (Mrs. Sheila Renee McGruder)

At Ambassador Sheila Renee, we think of each presentation as a three-legged stool, supported by content, design, and delivery. Delivery has a vast impact on how an audience hear your message, and poor delivery can leave your presentation feeling…a little off. What you say matter; how you say it matter just as much. Ambassador Sheila Renee’s approach to speaker coaching drives clients towards a delivery style that’s comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic. Our inside-out approach to coaching address both outside behaviors and their causal causes. We’ll help you discover core strengths, develop traits of the world’s most captivating speakers, and become your own unique brand of the powerful presenter.

Motivational Speaker

There are lots of motivational business speakers to pick from but Ambassador Sheila Renee’s story is quite different than the rest. She knows firsthand on overcoming extreme obstacles and how to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. She has inspired many audiences to develop their mental toughness muscle as well as their courage and patience muscle. Ambassador Sheila Renee’s business keynotes are based on true life experiences that have turned trials into triumphs. As an inspiring business speaker, Ambassador Sheila Renee has encouraged thousands of employees to develop the mental strength to overcome adversity and excuses. Her keynote speeches aim to cultivate focus, ambition, and accountability.

Group Facilitator

A group facilitator is someone who helps a group of people understand their common objectives and goals and assists them to plan how to achieve them; in doing so, it is key that the facilitator remains “neutral” meaning he/she does not take a particular position in the discussion. Sometimes the facilitator might need to step into a training role during the session to facilitate discussion. In the context of group facilitation, all opinions count and the facilitator’s role is to encourage all voices to be heard. Ambassador Sheila Renee has extensive experience as a group facilitator with diverse audiences. Her aim is to make sure the group opens up to share information in a safe and organic manner where all opinions count no matter how sensitive the subject of discussion is. Examples of her work include group facilitation on Confidence building, Corporate Values, Creative Brainstorming, Performance management and more.

Teach a Seminar or session

Ambassador Sheila Renee is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach. She is Counseling /Coaching people. she has helped many people to understand their personal & professional-strength & help them to identify their week area and improve them. This is an general themed format with one individual goal in mind: to move your audience. It is designed to energize the audience and get them inspired toward a goal that acting a role in their position, life or both. Many time organization utilize the term seminar and workshop interchangeably. In reality, seminar are designed for the audience to learn through the presenter, with incomplete audience participation.

Ambassador Sheila Renee McGruder.

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