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Inspirational / Motivational Products And Services.

Mrs. Sheila Renee McGruder, RCP, MHR

Business Networks

In many situations, having a strong network can bring tremendous benefits. If you find yourself unemployed or simply looking to boost your career, networking might actually prove to be the most effective tool in ensuring positive results. Our exceptional network speaker will teach you how to build and keep strong network, but also why network is very useful for your career or company success. If you boost your life or career, we give the Inspirational / Motivational speech.

Self- Enhancement

Speaker program are geared toward helping each student build brand new confidence within him or herself so that the student can be prepared emotionally and psychologically for some event that unfolds in their environment. The presentations are also designed to help students heighten their awareness of the needs of other students and how their belief and confidence in themselves can be transferred to others to help them with their issues and challenges. The programs aim to create respect and acceptance of one’s mind, body, and spirit while honoring the same attributes in others.

Personal Appearance only

Personal appearance is an often overlooked part of communication and presentation skill. When you are speaking in public, you may be instead of your organization or just yourself. It is still you at the front. It is you that the new person, group or viewers see and before you have time to open your mouth and say everything, positive assumption, both consciously and subconsciously, have been made. Mrs. Sheila Renee McGruder would help you with how to improve Personal appearance.

Group Facilitator

Mrs. Sheila Renee McGruder has amazing energy and the ability to connect with audience participants, no matter the size or venue. All small group breakouts and workshops include relevant customization to align with the distinct needs of the client partner, audience size and time requirements.

Inspirational Seminars for small groups subjects:

Faith, Gods Love, Gods Justice Out of the box Spiritual Detox. God’s Original Intent and Purpose for your life.The Way, The weight, and the Wait of God. Lay Aside Every Weight and Finish the RACE.THEY said I wouldn’t make it, BUT, WE DID!!!

Conference Speaker

Need a top conference speaker for your subsequently corporate event, meeting, or conference? Research shows that the best conference speakers can shed invaluable insight into your company’s goals, pain points, and focuses. Furthermore, conference speakers are skilled at rallying up each unique audience to inspire, engage, empower, and, of course, motivate your team for results such as increased productivity, improved employee morale, higher sales, game-changing innovation, or more effective communication.

Christian Events

So you’re in charge of finding entertainment for your church’s youth rally, seminar, workshop, or another Christ-centered event. Don’t have the equipment for a band and want something a tiny more on the serious side than a comedian? Well, then a Christian speaker is just what your event wants! There are speaker out there for all age, background, and situation. Whether you want a Christian speaker for a senior couples retreat or a workshop for a youth group. Mrs. Sheila Renee McGruder would help you.

Ambassador Sheila Renee McGruder.

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